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I first encountered ODD EYE CIRCLE in 2018 when I first discovered their album "Max and Match" on the site rateyourmusic.com, I was immediately drawn to the fact that it was number 1 for Future Bass there. When I first started listening to “Max and Match” I had no idea that ODD EYE CIRCLE was a K-pop group at the time.

My favorite songs off Mix and Match are the whole album, I truly believe this is an album where you must listen to it front to back or you lose out. My favorite song off Max and Match? All of them, I try not to rate or give numerical values to music because I believe you shouldn’t interact with art like that anymore.

In 2022, I delved into the world of K-pop, I started by Listening to Itzy and Blackpink. I was what I would call a fan of Loona but not a stan because I didn’t follow any of the member’s socials, none of their YouTube content, none of their fan cams /compilations on Twitter, and no interaction with other stans. I was just listening to Loona music by which I mean ODD EYE CIRCLE and by the start of 2023, I was actively stanningNewJeans and Le Sserafim, I had bought both of their memberships and was participating on Reddit talking about them with other fans.

Before my journey of actively stanning Loona now henceforth ARTMS, I discovered what is now ARTMS's sister/junior group, tripleS. I was immediately captivated by their February release, and I eagerly binge-watched all their YouTube content. This led me to discover Jaden Jeong, the talented creative director at Modhaus, whose creative and lyrical contributions have enhanced some of my favorite tracks on the tripleS albums, such as "Rising," "Colorful," "Chowall," "Generation," "Dimension," "Charla," "Touch," and "Deja-Vu" (which has the contribution of Park SoHyun, who also collaborated on)

But I must be honest that I have only actually listened to ODD EYE CIRCLE mostly, I've heard “Love Attack” and “Flip That”, but I haven't listened to the whole discography yet, I'm sure I'll like all the stuff released before Jaden Jeong was unceremoniously removed from his position. Trogbits who are also known as stupid Orbits use him being removed from his position as one of their many unfair justifications for their hatred of him. As far as I can tell they went looking for reasons and when you do that you will find them despite it not being based on the material reality that we all live in.

But the reason that he was released was because of creative differences between him and BlockBerryCreative explained here within quotes “For Jeong, every new story starts with an ending. It's part of his process. He doesn't begin a narrative without knowing how it all wraps up. He envisioned the LOONAverse as 45 parts, from solo songs to sub-units to official comeback singles. But he didn't get to see his vision all the way through due to creative differences with Blockberry Creative's new management who wanted to put "less significance" on the LOONAverse. "I found that we just didn’t align as we had before," Jeong said. In August, he left the company, with LOONA's repackaged album, “X X”, being his last project with the group. A ballad album was scrapped in the process. "I felt very empty when I couldn't proceed further with LOONA," he added.”

ODD EYE CIRCLE + Heejin won their lawsuit on January 13th and signed with Modhaus on March 17th, Haseul won their Lawsuit on June 16th and signed with Modhaus on June 20th, the fact that they signed with Jaden and the constant love they show towards him in interviews proves to me that they don’t harbor any ill will towards him for things fabricated by fans.

"Did You Wait" composed, written and arranged by G-high from Monotree stands out as a seamless fusion of elements from "Sweet Crazy Love," "Loonatic," and "Uncover." This unique and captivating sound symbolizes ODD EYE CIRCLE's evolution as they shed their past under BlockBerryCreative and embrace a new chapter in their musical journey.

"Air Force One," composed by G-high and Janet Suhh, written by Kim Lip, Jaden Jeong, and G-high, and arranged by G-high radiates infectious energy and addictive hooks, and the usage of the Jersey Club genre instantly made it a favorite of mine as I enjoy Jersey Club and I also enjoy most of everything I have heard from G-high so far. The lyrics and music video beautifully reflect the group's growth and determination as they embark on a new path.

"Je Ne Sais Quoi" composed by BADD, San Yoon, Maria Marcus, and MLC, Written by Park SoHyun of tripleS and Jaden Jeong, and arranged by BADD is a love song that with the sophisticated and stylish beat, coupled with the alluring vocals, really shows an understanding of what Je Ne Sais Quoi is because I can't describe what it is that makes me love this song in terms of composition and arrangement. Penned by Park SoHyun of tripleS and Jaden Jeong, the lyrics resonate deeply, evoking a sense of romance and longing by giving you the feeling of falling in love and what inexplicable attraction between two individuals must be like.

"Lucid," composed by Gionata Caracciolo (Gabesco Publishing), Rasmus Thallaug, Farida Bolseth Benounis, Maverick, Haeilm, Written by Maverick and Haeil, arranged by Gionata Caracciolo is a dreamy and slower-paced interlude, offers a much-needed break in the album's flow. Its ethereal atmosphere, and soothing vocals supply a moment of introspection, allowing me to embrace my thoughts and emotions.

"Love Me Like" composed and arranged by Artronic Waves and written by Alice Vicious and 9june9 is a song that I can't help but sing along to every time it comes on. The unique blend of sweetness and unconventional elements sets it apart from typical love songs. It never fails to uplift my mood and makes me think about what the joy of being in love might be like.

"My Secret Playlist" composed by G-high, YELO, Liam J Dowell, arranged by G-high and written by G-high and Jaden Jeong incorporation of popular music titles and lyrics into a fun collage creates a fun listen, the track is a representation of ARTMS' secret playlists which adds an individualized touch to the album. It's a delightful song that invites me to embrace my musical preferences and discover new favorites along the way of which this is one of them.

In conclusion, "" by ODD EYE CIRCLE is an outstanding album that resonates deeply with me. Its diverse range of songs, captivating lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and the group's showcased growth throughout the tracks makes it one of the best releases of 2023. I cannot wait to see what they will do next as a full group within ARTMS, or even as different subgroups

I also cannot wait to hear what Jaden is going to continue doing with the junior group tripleS and I hope ARTMS, and tripleS can collaborate on some songs.

This album is undoubtedly certified as "On Repeat" and has earned its spot on my cherished "On Repeat Playlist."

If you like this album check out all the tripleS releases or the previous release from ODD EYE CIRCLE which coincidentally are all also on my on-repeat playlist.