Ty's Music Corner

Review Ideology

I listen to music without assigning it a numerical value. I believe that the meaning of music is subjective, and that each person finds their own meaning in music. As Leonard Bernstein once said, "So you see, the meaning of music is in the music, in its melodies, and in the rhythms, and the harmonies, and the way it's orchestrated, and most important of all in the way it develops itself. Right now, all you need to know is that music has its own meanings, which you can find within the music itself."

Because of this, I have four categories of music that I place them in:

On Repeat: I actively go out of my way to relisten to these albums or songs on repeat.

Would Listen Again: I would listen to these songs again, but not as often as songs in the "On Repeat"

Wouldn't mind if it was on: I would not mind if songs in this category were on in the background of a party. This means that I do not have any strong feelings about these songs, either positive or negative. I might not actively seek them out to listen to, but I would not be bothered if they were playing.

Do not want to listen to it again: I do not want to listen to it again.

Note I have now discovered that this is in fact just a four star review system