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tripleS | Acid Angel from Asia: <ACCESS>

I am so enamored with tripleS' first mini-album, Access, that I cannot stop listening to it. The song "Charla" is my most-listened-to, with its catchy melody and stunning vocals. I also highly regard the song "Rolex", with its powerful rap and addictive beat.

The song "+82" is the perfect culmination to Access, and it seamlessly introduces the next album, Aesthetic.

tripleS +(KR)ystal Eyes: 'AESTHETIC'

I was captivated by this album, especially by the track "Deja Vu". The song is so dreamy and atmospheric, and the vocals are simply unparalleled. "Cherry 100%" is another one of my highly recommended songs, with its catchy melody and fun lyrics. "Cherry Talk" enamored me with its water-drop sounds and bouncy beat. The Dimension KRE version of the song has an irresistible energy and a satisfying conclusion.

tripleS | Assemble

My most-listened-to song from Assemble is "Colorful". It reminds me of Loona, which makes sense considering that Jaden Jeong is at the helm. The news that Haseul, Heejin, Jinsoul, Kim Lip, and Choerry have joined Modhaus has me eagerly awaiting their sound once again. This song, along with the OEC teaser, has sparked my excitement for ARTMS. I even hope for a collaboration between tripleS and ARTMS.

I particularly enjoy the seamless transition from "Before the Rise" into "Rising", which is accompanied by bouncy bass. The record scratches and water droplet noises add an extra layer of enjoyment.

What can I say about "Rising"? The first time I saw the music video, I was instantly captivated. Dahyun's high notes were simply stunning.

"Chowall" serves as a fitting and satisfying culmination to the album.


I rate all of these albums as being worthy of on repeat.